3D Scan App Update is now available for Windows 10 Insiders members. Microsoft updated the Kinect One driver to deliver better sensor data for 3D scanning.

3D Scan is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that turns your advanced sensor into a 3D scanner. This new approach offers better camera tracking, preserves the scale of scanned objects, reduces graphics card requirements, improves overall framerate, significantly improves 3D mesh output, and captures higher quality color textures.

3D Scan builds on Media Capture platform that exposes the depth and RGB data for advanced sensors. The Media Capture platform supports a wide-range of sensors. Currently, the platform and 3D Scan only work with the Kinect. According to the Microsoft, more sensors are coming soon.

3D Scan App Features:

  • Real-time color 3D scanning using a Kinect sensor for Xbox One and your PC
  • Carefully pick how big an area you want to scan and hold the sensor to record just like you’d use a camera
  • Works  with 3D Builder so you can easily edit and print whatever you scan
  • Take 3D selfies using a one-click timer

Download app from Windows Store or from the link below.

[appbox windowsstore appid 9nblggh68pmc]


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