ARK PS4 update 1.42 is now available for download. The new update brings minor bug fixes and other improvements over the previous update. According to the ARK patch notes, the new PS4 1.42 patch has fixed the character-transfer problem which prevented users from transferring to another Official server.

ARK PS4 update 1.42

ARK PS4 update 1.42 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the character-transfer problem which prevented you from transferring to another Official server.
  • Other minor game improvements.

Previously, the game developers released major ARK PS4 514 update 1.41 with the Otter and Phoenix companions. The update also included client-side CPU and UI performance improvements. You can read more about the previous update here.

ARK PS4 update 514 version 1.41 (Previous Patch)

  • New Creature: The Phoenix.
  • New Creature: The Otter.
  • Fixed some UI text display/alignment issues.
  • Client-side CPU performance increase.
  • ARK Survival Evolved PS4 update 1.41 has increased client-side UI performance of large scrollable lists (inventory item lists, engram list, server list, etc).
  • Fixed Cluster Session List UI incorrectly applying search filters.
  • ARK PS4 1.41 update has fixed various client crashes.

Check your game update and download latest ARK PS4 update 1.42.


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