ARK update 1.43 for the PS4 will roll out later today. The official ARK patch notes for the 515 update is now available. The new update includes bug fixes and other game improvements.

According to the ARK patch notes, the new ARK PS4 update 1.43 has fixed various issues related to Otter/Phoenix companions which were added with last major update. ARK 1.43 has also enabled building in orbit camera mode as well as adds Chinese localization for better translations. Find more details below.

ARK update 1.43 for PS4 - ARK Patch Notes

ARK update 1.43 for PS4 Patch Notes

  • ARK version 1.43 update for PS4 has now enabled building in orbit camera mode.
  • Updated the Ice Wyvern Model.
  • Updated Translations (adds Chinese localization).
  • Added option to cancel PGM Generation.
  • ARK PS4 update 1.43 has fixed various content issues with the Phoenix and Otter.

Previously, the game developers released update 1.42 with minor changes and improvements.

Previous Patch

  • Fixed the character-transfer problem which prevented you from transferring to another Official server.
  • Other minor game improvements. You can read more about the previous update here.

The ARK 1.43 update is in the cart and will roll out soon for PlayStation 4 players. Keep checking your game update and download latest ARK update 1.43 for PS4.


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