ARK update 268 for PC is now available for download. The latest ARK patch has added the legendary flaming Phoenix to the game.

Recently, the developers also released the Tek Shield and Tek Sword and the Otter companion which can ride around on your shoulders. Check out more details about the latest companion below.

ARK update 268.22 Patch Notes

  • Fixed crashes with optimized scrollbox code (i.e. with Structures+ mod), and improved performance of UI text rendering.

ARK update 268.2 Patch Notes

  • Increased Phoenix weight-carrying capacity by +200%, made Sulfur add +200% more food to Phoenix, reduced Phoenix Food consumption rates by 60%, increased Phoenix fire DoT by +200%.
  • Made Phoenix Flame-Charge ability use dynamic key binding (so will work if Jump key is bound to something other than ‘Spacebar’) and work with gamepad input.
  • ARK update 268.2 has increased the client-side UI performance of large scrollable lists (inventory item lists, engram list, server list, etc).

ARK 268.13 Patch Notes

  • Made Phoenix 3x more common to find on Scorched Earth. Requires Server Update.

ARK Patch Notes for update 268.12

  • Increased Phoenix base HP by 50%. Requires Server Update.

ARK update 268.11 Patch Notes

  • New Creature: Phoenix.
  • Fixed some UI text display/alignment issues.
  • Client-side CPU performance increase.

The Phoenix companion

The Phoenix is among the most mysterious of all flying creatures, much of what is known about the Phoenix exists in legends which have been told through generations.

ARK update for Xbox One with Ragnarok update (2)
ARK update 268.11 adds Phoenix companion.

Extreme heat-waves in the desert seem to initiate the rise of the Phoenix, while the end of this so-called “Super Heat” precipitates the creature’s reversion into ashes. While the Phoenix seems ambivalent to most wildlife, if provoked, its ferocity is evident in its ability to set targets aflame with a single bite.

How to tame ARK Phoenix?

Attempting to pacify a Phoenix is, quite literally, playing with fire. The Phoenix must be continually set ablaze in order to be tamed. After it has been pacified, the Phoenix will regain its vitality when it is aflame! Although its compact size prevents the Phoenix from being ridden, its aggressive enflaming has proved to be invaluable in battle. Plus, it can quickly roast up tasty cooked meat and refine raw ores at any time.

The official ARK patch notes are not available yet. We’ll update the article as soon as developers release the ARK changelog for patch 268.

Check your game update and download the latest ARK 268 on PC.


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