ARK update 759.6 for Xbox One is now available for download. The new ARK Survival Evolved update 759.6 brings minor fixes and improvements over the previous update. The new hotfix has resolved the Player Dedi Crash issue which was reported by many players.


According to the game developer’s, when spawning in hibernated creatures, it may take a while. In addition, if your Xbox Player Dedicated is freezing on the host UI, it may take some time as it spawns in thousands of Dinos at the same time.

Previously, the ARK Survival Evolved update 759.4 was released which had increased the spread of Terror Bird spawns in the Redwoods. In addition, the update had fixed an issue that causes rafts to teleport upwards out of the Underworld on TheCenter. More details here.

Currently, the official website is facing some technical issues. We’ll update the changelog as soon as it goes live. Check your game update and download latest ARK update 759.6 for Xbox One.


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