Astroneer game update 0.2.10109.0 or Patch 125 is now available for Steam, Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.  Astroneer Patch 125 brings tweaks to animations, new dynamite, and various in-game item adjustments. There are other bug fixes and improvements to boost overall game performance.

The Astroneer game is a space exploration and crafting game, which takes players into a universe of procedurally generated planets. Players can reshape terrain, mine for materials, hunt alien plants for research, and build base modules to expand their crafting and exploration capabilities.

Astroneer Patch 125 update BUILD 0.2.10125.0 Features:


  • Dynamite now craftable from the backpack.
  • New dynamite art, fx, audio.
  • Dynamite can now be used to destroy base buildings and other objects.
  • Added character idle animations.
  • Added 9 new discoverable wrecks, including their collectible items within.
  • Additional organic research items added.
  • Updated Dropship model art.
  • Updated RCS thruster effects for Dropship.
  • Astroneer Patch 125 updated model art for Tradeplatform.
  • Updated model and FX art for Smelter.
  • Added new refinery/smelter audio.
  • Added sandboxing of saved games when running the Steam Experimental branch.
  • Improved game pad support on launch menu.
  • Performance improvement: Added a system for fully despawning decorator sets as you move away from them.
  • Slight GPU performance improvement to terrain (use 16-bit indices).


  • Researching an item when you have already researched all recipes will no longer “use up” that item in regards to when future updates add new recipes. It will now also give you a resource.
  • Astroneer Patch 125 also fixed several issues with how decorator states were saved and restored.
  • Fixed race condition causing occasional anomalous terrain generation.
  • Seed fixes, including shift-click issue and seeds growing in the backpack.
  • Fixed the save game issue where conduits don’t attach after saving a leaf and building platform.
  • Astroneer game update 0.2.10109.0 or Patch 125 fixed the save game issue where conduits nubs don’t disappear after a save game and using dynamite on the leaf.
  • Updated oxygen tank fill looping sound. Fixed Xbox bug that caused it top play at full volume.

Xbox One and Windows 10 users should expect a wait of 48 hours for Astroneer game update 0.2.10109.0 or Patch 125 to reach their console or Windows 10 install.


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