Astroneer patch 199 brings fixes and improvements – Patch Notes

Astroneer patch 199 is now available for download. The new update brings fixes and improvements to the game.

Xbox ‘Play Anywhere’ players can expect Astroneer Update 0.3.10199.0 to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines in the next 48 hours. Check out full changelog below.

Astroneer patch 199-Patch-Notes Sihmar

Astroneer Patch 199 – Patch Notes

[AS-896] – The Options Menu has been completely overhauled.

The Options Menu has received the first pass of a complete visual and functional overhaul, resolving several bugs with the prior implementation.

  • Adjust display options including VSYNC and keep those changes
  • Astroneer patch 199 adjusted graphics options to suit your hardware, including Shadow Quality, AA, PP and effects.
  • Audio options now actually work! Adjust them to your liking.
  • Keybindings on PC will now remain saved between sessions, with some added options like mouse sensitivity, toggling the hold to sprint, and others.

[AS-994] – The Trade Module has received some bug fixes and interaction improvements, such as:

  • The maximum return value is always the number of slots on the trade platform rocket with the latest Astroneer patch 199.
  • Now, once you reach the maximum return value, you will not be able to add more resources to any remaining open slots.
  • If you add an item that pushes the trade value above the maximum or switch the return item to something with a more favorable exchange rate, the actual return will always be clamped to the maximum.
  • Resources that are on the trading platform already when the maximum return value is hit or exceeded can always be removed (but cannot be attached again unless removing them causes the return value to dip below the maximum).

[AS-1305] – Beacon colors can now be changed.

With Astroneer patch 199, beacons now serve as aids for finding a previous spot, as well as for navigation. Use the in-game UI to cycle through colors or choose the ‘red strobe” option for emergencies.

[AS-1145] – Audio has been migrated to the Wwise Engine from Unreal 4 and remixed using the new technology. 

Wwise audio engine integrated into Unreal 4. All audio in the game now plays through Wwise instead of UE4’s built in audio engine. The following changes and improvements have been made to the audio engine.

  • New cave exploration music tracks added with Astroneer patch 199.
  • Remixed/mastered existing music with additional instruments added. Tracks broken down into separate layers to leverage Wwise game states.
  • Music becomes distorted when low on oxygen.
  • Music changes based on time of day.
  • Music now streams rather than load entirely on game start, reducing RAM impact
  • Sound is sent through a reverb when underground.
  • Footstep sfx are affected by the movement speed of the player.
  • Ambience loops no longer heard when at the main menu or orbiting a planet.
  • Both the medium and small generator’s audio slows down when their “fuel” is near empty.
  • When death occurs, sounds stop playing earlier.
  • With Astroneer patch 199, music does not abruptly start again when death occurs, it now fades back in over an extended period of time.
  • Wind turbine audio more appropriately matches their animation frequency.
  • Sandstorms now have improved distance attenuation and better stereo / surround panning.
  • Sandstorm rock impact added for when the player gets hit by a boulder.
  • Low oxygen breathing audio now triggered more abruptly rather than a gradual fade in.
  • Rover tire audio no longer plays when the vehicle is in the air.
  • Rover engine audio no longer plays when rolling unpowered down an incline
  • Rover engine audio revs when the vehicle is being powered and leaves the ground.
  • Rover shutdown sound added
  • Astroneer patch 199 brings improvements to the active voice count in the game, allowing for slight performance gains.

[AS-1259] – Each suit now has a unique Death animation. 


  • Astroneer patch 199 fixed several issues causing Multiplayer crashes which occurred when Client players returned to their base after venturing far away from it.
  • Fixed numerous Multiplayer crashes related to interacting with items in the world as a client
  • Astroneer update 199 fixed a Multiplayer issue that prevented Win 10 players from connecting to Xbox players
  • Astroneer patch 199 fixed a number of performance degradation issues relating to base conduits.
  • Fixed several audio issues where sounds would persist even after the event has ended, including:
  • [AS-691] – Biome Ambience SFX will no longer play when the player is in space.
  • [AS-915] – In Multiplayer games, the sound effect of building loops no longer continues playing for the Client player.
  • [AS-1027] – Astroneer update 199 fixed issues with SFX being played from sources not close to the player.
  • [AS-1345] – Astroneer patch 199 fixed issue where Sandstorm audio would continue after the storm ended.
  • [AS-1445] – The sound of oxygen being replenished no longer persists when disconnecting from the oxygen tether before the tank has fully recharged.
  • [AS-1448] – Fixed issue where the ambient overworld wind sounds did not change when going deep underground.
  • Fixed several audio issues where sounds would not play at all, including:
  • [AS-1370] – Fixed intermittent issue where the Rover did not make any sound when driven.
  • [AS-1372] – Astroneer update 199 fixed missing audio upon Pajama Suit Astroneer death
  • [AS-1373] – Fixed missing audio upon Bubble Suit Astroneer death
  • [AS-599] – Astroneer patch 199 fixed “double death” issue with Astroneer taking fall damage and dying again when respawning after falling from a high altitude.
  • [AS-873] – Collecting multiple resources with the Drill will no longer cause all the open slots to break.
  • [AS-1256] – Fixed issue where Resource items would float off after being blown away during a storm
  • [AS-1258] – Astroneer update 199 fixed issue where Save Slot 1 was sometimes overwritten when creating save data in Save Slot 2 and beyond.
  • [AS-1297] – Astroneer patch 199 fixed minor but extremely annoying issue where newly built base conduits would not follow the hologram path.
  • [AS-1329] – Upon death, previous backpack inventory should no longer appear hovering next to the Habitat.
  • [AS-1335] – Astroneer update 199 fixed a major issue where performance would severely degrade when players opened the Options menu
  • [AS-1369] – Fixed issue where incomplete nuggets of Power were not consumed when placed on a slot.
  • [AS-1334] – Astroneer patch 199 fixed issue where Terrain Tool Augments were not working correctly


  • On Xbox One, any changes made to the options menu will not persist between sessions. This will be fixed soon.
  • Some “vocal” efforts play on the server when activated by the client.

Check your game update and download latest Astroneer patch 199.