Astroneer update 196 brings a new item and fixes

Astroneer update 196 will be available for download on this Friday. The official patch note is now available. According to the changelog, this update adds a new item, as well as fixes to issues in both single and multiplayer sessions. Gamers now have more personality depending on which Astroneer they choose, as well as reverting the cost of oxygen tanks to titanium.

Astroneer update 196

The new update includes a fix for gravity for vehicles and spawned items on planets. Now players should see less floaty stuff. Also, multiplayer sessions where players are on different planets should be much more stable. Check out full changelog here.

What’s new in Astroneer update 196

  • [AS-1096] – Migrated to Unreal Engine version 4.15.
  • [AS-1140] – Fall Damage model been refactored to use fall velocity instead of absolute height values.
  • [AS-1190] – A variety of error messages for joining Multiplayer games have been implemented in the game and localized in all shipping languages.
  • [AS-1194] – Set up a headless game server to begin dedicated server implementation.
  • [AS-1196] – The Worklight object is now available in the build and printable from the backpack.
  • [AS-1201] – Distinct Gestures and Idles for Bubble, Pajama, and Bio Suits have been added
  • [AS-1203] – Astroneer update 196 adjusted FX to fire off at the right times during animations.
  • [AS-1081] – Implemented basic gameplay telemetry collection.
  • The Game no longer triggers an autosave on the first exit from the Dropship.
  • Backpack shoulder auxiliary slots can hold arbitrary items again.
  • Oxygen tank cost restored to 1 Titanium with Astroneer update 196.


  • [AS-1118] – Spikers should once again be visible to Client players in Multiplayer games.
  • [AS-1147] – Client players should no longer be generating different terrain than the Host in Multiplayer games.
  • [AS-1148] – Astroneer update 196 fixed a recurring crash during the object update cycle. Object updating is now more efficient.
  • [AS-1198] – Full tanks no longer appear empty to Client players in Multiplayer games.
  • [AS-1207] – The Smelter will no longer lose resource nuggets if there are no slots available on the module, nuggets will fall to the ground instead.
  • [AS-1234] – Fixed an edge-case, but annoying, an issue where players are unable to proceed with the game after clicking the take-off button at the end of the landing sequence.
  • [AS-1280] -Astroneer update 196 fixed a crash that occurs when players attempt to load a previously saved game from the Main Menu.
  • [AS-1284] – Xbox players should now be able to join a previously suspended online game session.
  • [AS-1296] – Fixed a nondeterministic terrain generation issue which resulted in terrain seams around the landing zone.
  • Several fixes to the Gravity system should reduce instances of Vehicles and unearthed objects floating away.
  • Fixed issue where the Smelter is restored to a bugged state if the game was saved during the smelting process.
  • Fixed issue where the Research Module would be restored to a bugged state if the game was saved at the wrong moment during chest unlock.
  • Astroneer update 196 fixed numerical error buildup in camera system causing jitter and drift.


  • Background music tracks may sometimes loop or cut out early.
  • Base conduit may sometimes extend off the intended trajectory.

According to the developers, the upgrade to the Wwise audio engine has caused some unforeseen situations where music does not trigger properly. Also, our migration to Unreal 4.15 has caused some issues with base conduits. Both issues will be fixed in next update.

Astroneer will be updated to version 0.3.10196.0 (Patch “196”) after the new patch release. Steam and Xbox ‘Play Anywhere’ players on Xbox One and Windows 10 will receive Astroneer update 196 on Friday, July 21st.