Baconit 4.6.5 update

If you are a fan of using Reddit on your phone or PC then Baconit should be on your list of apps to use.

The popular Reddit app just received a rather substantial update today, one that developer Quinn Damerell a little over two and half weeks to make happen due to “the complex code behind it”.
Version 4.6.5 has a lot of changes, but many of them go to memory management especially for devices with less RAM available. Quinn tells informs us:

“There are quite a few visual changes, but the massive work when into a memory management system that should make the app crash much less on low-end devices. It might not be perfect coming out of the gate, but with time, I will tweak it and make it even better.”

Sounds good to us. For now, you can peruse the rather lengthy changelog we received about 6.0.

Baconit Update 4.6.5


Memory is now managed much more efficiently; the app should crash less on low memory devices
Webpages will be monitored for memory usage
Much more

Added Gilded indicator to posts
Added default sorting options
Flip View

Updated UI
Added post score
Added Gilded indication
Smoothed comment scrolling transition
Improved GIF support
Improved large image handling

Added Gilded indication
Added default sorting options
Added comment count in the comment bar
Comments scroll much faster

Subreddit descriptions are now shown in markdown

General cleanup of text and styles

Fixed a spacing issue with text runs
Fixed a link parsing issue where extra chars were picked up

Profile link added to global menu
Added profile information to the main live tile.
Smoothed out / added animations
Fixed loading for some subreddits (thanks, EugĂȘnio!)
Sounds like a nice update so be sure to grab it. Then again, if you are experiencing the app-update issue we reported on earlier you will not see the update until Microsoft fixes the issue. You could just uninstall the app and redownload it if you do not want to wait, which is what we did.

The update should be live now or rolling out to users in the next few hours. Let us know what you think in comments or head to the Baconit subreddit for more information.