German based online retailer has posted a listing for the next entry to Electronic Arts Battlefield 5, stating that the game is going in time to the First World War. While the retailer has listed few details regarding the title, the listing claims that Battlefield 5 will release later this year. The game will be offering a multiplayer tactical shooter experience set during the World War I. This would be a first time in the series.

Battlefield 5

The listing conforms with previous rumours which proposed that the game will be the fifth entry in the core Battlefield series, set in a military environment. Electronic Arts has confirmed a Battlefield release scheduled for 2016. It’s currently unclear if the retailer mistakenly posted these details ahead of an offical announcement, or an employee added unconfirmed speculation to the product’s description. Battlefield 5 will be releasing this fall on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.