BeatsX now available for purchase from Apple website

Apple BeatsX wireless earphones are now available to purchase from Apple has launched BeatsX after an extended delay. Like AirPods, BeatsX earphones use Apple’s special W1 chip that makes pairing and switching between Apple devices nearly instant.

BeatsX features a new adjustable neckband. BeatsX charges over Lightning rather than micro USB. BeatsX battery life is up to 8 hours and a full charge takes 45 minutes. BeatsX is available in both white and black. Blue and grey colors are also available to order from Apple’s website, although you’ll have to wait a few days longer for those to deliver.

BeatsX earphones were originally set to launch in Fall 2016 but were delayed until February following unexpected issues that affected launching AirPods. BeatsX are available for $149.95 (compared to $159 for AirPods) from