Being app giving us a peek inside the feeds of our friends and celebrities. Out in the App Store today, Being lets users search for whatever Instagram users they want and then “become” them. Once they’ve done that, they can see the chosen user’s feed, exactly as that person sees it. So for instance, Kim Kardashian follows 102 people on Instagram, most of whom are her sisters, makeup artists she likes, and her friends. If a dedicated fan, or a curious onlooker, wants to experience the app like Kardashian does, they easily can. If they really love her taste they can follow and like those same users in her feed, too.

If celebrities aren’t really what Being users are into, they can also look through their friends’ feeds by linking their personal account up to the app. Only public users can have their feeds recreated on Being, however. The app’s creators see their product as a way to find highly curated content directly from the people that users trust.