Microsoft announced that Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10 will receive the major updates this summer. Xbox One summer update will roll out this week to a limited Xbox One insiders. In upcoming weeks, Microsoft will release the Xbox app (beta) update on Windows 10. Final updates will be released with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Xbox app update features

Edit and share GameDVR clips on any video editor: Now users can use any video editor to edit clips recorded on Xbox One or on PC. Users will be able to upload the clip back to Xbox Live through the Xbox app.

New GameDVR management: Now users can manage captures, share, uploads and more, all straight from the user profile.

60 FPS game recording with the Game bar: The new “Very High” video quality setting added in the Xbox app. Now users can record game clips up to 60 frames per second.

Share to Twitter from Xbox app: The new Twitter sharing option enable users to share game clips and screenshots from Xbox Live.

Xbox One update features

Cortana on Xbox One: Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana is coming to Xbox One this summer. Users can use both headsets and Kinect to voice command Cortana.

  • Cortana can find new games for users.
  • Cortana can check friends updates.
  • Can start a party.
  • Accomplish common tasks.
  • Turn on Xbox One with Kinect.

Cortana Preview will be released to the U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Spain first.

New Game Collection: The new Game Collection interface updated to make it faster and easier to find and launch the games. Users can now quickly access ‘Ready to Install’ tab, and get more information about titles in the queue.

Xbox One with Xbox app on Windows 10

Top PC games show up on Xbox Live: Now PC games will have their own Game Hubs on Xbox Live. Whether you’re on your PC, Xbox, or mobile phone, users will be able to see what PC games there friends are playing. Users can share PC gaming clips and screenshots with the community, and message friends on Xbox Live. Now both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs support party chats together.

Xbox and Windows unified Store: In a major change Microsoft is combining the Xbox Store and Windows Store. On Xbox One, Microsoft streamlined the shopping experience to help users find the games faster. Users will be able to filter, browse and search results by genre. Several new channels have been added to help users discover the content even faster. On Windows Store, gamers can browse and purchase bundles, episodic games, season passes, virtual currency and other game add-ons and DLC.

More personal Activity Feed: Now users can decide which feeds automatically shared with others. Users can now also able to craft the Activity Feed posts.