Bing search engine is offering real-time updates on the U.S. election. Microsoft Bing search will display real-time election stats and results as the day progress. The Bing search engine tools will let you dig into other stats too.

Bing Posted, “Knowing millions across the nation will want to track today’s progress, Bing has made it possible to follow the presidential results in real-time at a national and state level today, and track the popular vote tally and the electoral votes (272 is the magic number). You can also drill down into US Congressional races, state Senate and House races, gubernatorial contests, as well as keep track of ballot measures. Closely watched swing states are highlighted in yellow, and track the balance of power in the US House and Senate. And all day and night, there will be fresh news covering all the headlines.

To get live stats click “Go now” on the banner at the homepage, search “elections 2016 result,” or simply head directly to the interactive map here.


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