Microsoft released bitstream pass-through feature on Xbox One consoles for Insiders. Microsoft released Xbox insider build 1610.161208-1218 past weekend with some “miscellaneous fixes.” Now the company has activated bitstream pass-through feature for the Blu-ray app from the server side.

Bitstream pass-through brings Dolby Atmos sound support for Xbox One owners. This feature is available on both original Xbox One and Xbox One S. To enable this new feature on your Xbox One, you need to hard reset your console. According to the company, there are still a couple of issues with this new feature. More details below.

How to turn on this new feature:

  1. Make sure your console is plugged in via HDMI to an audio receiver which supports decoding of Blu-ray audio formats. Optical audio does not support pass-through.
  2. Enable “Let my receiver decode audio (beta)” under the “Disc & Blu-ray” settings page.

    a. If you do not see the button immediately try rebooting your console. It can take up to 24 hours for our changes to make it to your console without a reboot.

  3. Make sure you have the latest Blu-ray player by checking the “Updates” tab under “My Games & Apps”
  4. Insert your favorite DVD or Blu-ray disc
  5. Kick back and enjoy the highest quality audio from your movies and TV shows


Since this is a beta feature, there are few known issues with the this feature:

  1. Sometimes videos may play with no sound.

    a. Workaround:

    i. Try preforming a rewind or skip back a chapter to re-lock the HDMI connection between your console and your audio device.

    ii. If you’re still experiencing no audio during playback, try opening the Blu-ray movie controls and cycle through the available audio tracks using the speaker icon.

    iii. If none of these steps work, please file a bug using the Xbox Insider Hub under the Blu-ray app or by completing the quest.

  2. A pop may be heard when transitioning between chapters or when performing a pause/rewind/fast-forward command.



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