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GantryWorks Introduces Smartphone Holder that Helps Users Video Call on TV

GantryWorks Introduces TellyMount Smartphone Holder. It's an elegant and simple holder that positions your smartphone above a TV. When used with Apple TV or...
Acer Switch 12 Alpha

Acer Switch 12 Alpha Liquid cool Windows 10 Notebook

Acer has made official Acer Switch 12 Alpha Liquid cool Windows 10 2-in-1 PC. The new Acer tablet convertible PC has the same characteristics...
Macbook 2016

New MacBook 2016 laptops announced

New MacBook 2016 laptops have been announced. Apple refreshed 12-inch MacBook line of laptops just over a year after the line was first introduced....
Firmware updates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Sale

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book receives firmware update

Firmware updates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book has been released Microsoft for users.The Surface Book fix list:Microsoft driver...

Sharp RoboHon robot phone coming next month for $1800

Sharp RoboHon is all the basic smartphone functions reborn into a tiny robot body. It walks, it dances, and an embedded projector inside its...

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover

Microsoft introduced a Surface Signature Type Cover. Microsoft is using the luxurious Alcantara material to cover its latest Surface keyboard. Alcantara fabric is often...
hp spectre

HP Spectre world’s thinnest laptop

 HP earlier today officially announced its brand new HP Spectre laptop at the New York Times International Luxury Conference along new premium portfolio including...
Seagate Innov8

Seagate Innov8: world’s first USB-powered 8TB HDD

Seagate has announced Seagate Innov8, which is the world's first desktop external hard drive that is powered by a single USB Type-C cable. Innov8...

Holoportation: Future of Video Chatting

Microsoft showed real-time chat feature for its HoloLens augmented reality headset in action with the posting of the recent TED Talk  demo video. Now...
Apple iPad Pro mini

New iPad Pro announced with 9.7-inch display

Apple has just announced a new iPad Pro, a smaller version of its iPad Pro tablet released last year. The new iPad Pro has...

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