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AMD Zen processors

AMD may launch 48-Cores/96 Threads Processor in 2018

A new report suggests that AMD may launch 7nm 48-Cores Processor in 2018. The AMD internal roadmap leaked reveals current and upcoming processors line. AMD Zen...

Intel Core i9 7900 Series Processors with 12-core Specs leaked

Intel may release Core i9 Processors to compete against the AMD Ryzen processors and their upcoming processor line. Intel's top of the line flagship...

Snapdragon 660 and 630 is now official with Bluetooth 5 support and more

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 660 and 630. The new processors will replace the 653 and 626 respectively. Both are built on the company's...

Amazon Echo Show will cost $229.99, Pre-orders will start from May 9

A new leaked image shows that Amazon's touchscreen-enabled device will be called the Echo Show and will retail for $229 on June 28. Pre-orders...
Galaxy S6 Edge

Software Update G928VVRS3CQD1 for Galaxy S6 Edge rolling out

Verizon is now rolling out a new software update G928VVRS3CQD1 for Galaxy S6 Edge. The update brings Android April security patch to the device.The new April security...
Microsoft-WritLarge (1)

Microsoft WritLarge is a prototype whiteboard with both pen and multi-touch support

WritLarge is a freeform canvas prototype system for early-stage design on electronic whiteboards with pen+touch input from Microsoft Research team for the 84″ Microsoft Surface...
Wileyfox windows phone

Wileyfox is expected to launch Windows Phone this Year

Wileyfox is planning to launch Windows Phone this year. The company is better known for their Android phones. With the Windows Phone, the company...
Porn videos are now available on YouTube

YouTube videos will now require minimum 10,000 views to make money

According to the new YouTube guidelines, new videos will now require minimum 10,000 views to make money. This new rule will curb fake accounts...
Google Android O

Google Android O officially announced with new features and improvements

Today, Google has announced Android O (8.0), the next major version of its Android OS. The new update is now rolling out to developers....
Samsung Bixby AI

Bixby AI Assistants from Samsung officially announced

Today Samsung unveiled its Bixby AI assistants for phones and other devices. Bixby will launch with upcoming Samsung S8 smartphone. Bixby will be implemented in the...

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