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The Pirate Bay streaming

Now Pirate Bay lets you stream for free

Legalities aside, there is one problem with content made available through the likes of the Pirate Bay. Whether you use traditional torrents or magnet...

How to film gorgeous slo-mo with iPhone

When the Wachowskis were filming bullet time scenes for The Matrix they had an elaborate rig with dozens of cameras in a green-screened studio....

A new MIT computer chip could allow your smartphone to do complex AI tasks

Yesterday, a team of researchers from MIT introduced a new computer chip optimized for deep-learning, an approach to artificial intelligence that is gaining popularity....
Microsoft launches Azure IoT Hub

Microsoft launches Azure IoT Hub

If Microsoft didn’t succeed to become a major player in mobile, the company clearly wants to be an early leader in another race. ...
Android powered bathroom mirror

Android powered bathroom mirror

Max Braun, a Google engineer, built android powered bathroom mirror and replaced his old mirror. At the top left of the mirror, a weather...
India becomes world's second-largest smartphone market,

India becomes world’s second-largest smartphone market

India has surpassed the United States to becomes the second largest smartphone market in the world, according to a new report from market research...
Project Natick

Microsoft’s Project Natick puts data centers underwater

Microsoft researchers are currently testing a prototype of an underwater data center, dubbed Project Natick, the data centers are quickly deployable, do not require...
Virtual reality

Virtual reality will transform cinema

So far, the rise of virtual reality (VR) has been driven by video games. Sony's PlayStation VR and HTC's Vive, made in partnership with...
Venmo is taking on Apple Pay

Venmo is taking on Apple Pay with in-app purchases

Venmo, the PayPal-owned app that lets you send money with your smartphone, is expanding from peer-to-peer payments to in-app purchases in a direct challenge...

‘Brave’ New Browser

Brave Software, helmed by Brendan Eich, who co founded Mozilla and created the JavaScript programming language, on Tuesday released the 0.7 developer version of...

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