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Opera Gets $1.2 Billion Buyout Offer

Opera Gets $1.2 Billion Buyout Offer

Opera confirmed Tuesday night it has received an acquisition offer from a consortium of Chinese Internet companies that values the browser maker at $1.2...
Google offering free 2GB Drive space for security checkup

Google offering free 2GB Drive space for security checkup

Much like a similar promotion last year, Google users can claim 2GB of permanent drive space for free by completing a simple security checkup....
Amazon India

No more return policy for mobile phones by Amazon India

Amazon India has notified buyers that they won't be able to return mobile phones bought from the online retailer. The new policy is only...
Facebook Free Basics

TRAI in India banned Facebook’s Free Basics service

Facebook's free-but-restricted internet service, Free Basics, has been banned in India after the country's national telecoms regulator ruled that the program and others like...
The Pirate Bay streaming

Now Pirate Bay lets you stream for free

Legalities aside, there is one problem with content made available through the likes of the Pirate Bay. Whether you use traditional torrents or magnet...

How to film gorgeous slo-mo with iPhone

When the Wachowskis were filming bullet time scenes for The Matrix they had an elaborate rig with dozens of cameras in a green-screened studio....

A new MIT computer chip could allow your smartphone to do complex AI tasks

Yesterday, a team of researchers from MIT introduced a new computer chip optimized for deep-learning, an approach to artificial intelligence that is gaining popularity....
Microsoft launches Azure IoT Hub

Microsoft launches Azure IoT Hub

If Microsoft didn’t succeed to become a major player in mobile, the company clearly wants to be an early leader in another race. ...
Android powered bathroom mirror

Android powered bathroom mirror

Max Braun, a Google engineer, built android powered bathroom mirror and replaced his old mirror. At the top left of the mirror, a weather...
India becomes world's second-largest smartphone market,

India becomes world’s second-largest smartphone market

India has surpassed the United States to becomes the second largest smartphone market in the world, according to a new report from market research...

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