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Virtual reality

Virtual reality will transform cinema

So far, the rise of virtual reality (VR) has been driven by video games. Sony's PlayStation VR and HTC's Vive, made in partnership with...
Venmo is taking on Apple Pay

Venmo is taking on Apple Pay with in-app purchases

Venmo, the PayPal-owned app that lets you send money with your smartphone, is expanding from peer-to-peer payments to in-app purchases in a direct challenge...

‘Brave’ New Browser

Brave Software, helmed by Brendan Eich, who co founded Mozilla and created the JavaScript programming language, on Tuesday released the 0.7 developer version of...

Microsoft researchers apply machine intelligence to molecular biology

Microsoft Research delves into many areas looking for ways to apply machine intelligence in new and innovative ways. Identifying images, learning and translating languages,...

Microsoft helps “Reinvent the Classroom”

In London, HP Inc recently unveiled its new PC and software solutions intended to support and foster new educational reform within teacher and student...
microsoft update history

Microsoft computing resources to serve the public good

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has just revealed that Microsoft, through its newly created Microsoft Philanthropies department, will dedicate over one billion dollars’ worth of...

Zero-day Linux kernel security flaw leaves millions of Android users vulnerable

A new zero-day vulnerability was found inside the Linux kernel, making numerous distributions, including Android, vulnerable to attack.A cyber security startup called Perception Point,...
update 9.3.2 error 56

iPad Pro “always going to be a companion device,” – Microsoft

Microsoft and Apple have always been great fr-enemies, competing aggressively in some areas of computing and cooperating in others. Microsoft has for a long...

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