Chromecast is now Google Cast

Chromecast is now Google Cast. If you are currently using a Chromecast device, you might have noticed that after its last update, the Chromecast app is now called Google Cast. Not much has changed withing the update in terms of functionality. Like the new name suggests, Google is now branching out and trying to convey the message that its casting solution is no longer a proprietary thing. Besides its own dongles, the platform is now supported by a growing number of smart TVs from vendors like Sony and Sharp, as well as speakers.

The list of third-party partners is also growing. This actually looks to be indicative of what is going on behind the scenes and it is really quite natural. All these third party partners simply seem to be integrating the Chromecast hardware within their systems. It is elegant and cheap and makes quite a lot of sense when you think about it.