Conan Exile PC patch fixes keybindings, removes inventory latency and much more

Conan Exile hotfix for PC is now available for download. The new patch introduces new changes to the sprinting and wielding system.

In addition, the update removes the inventory latency, adds fixes for keyboard bindings and much more. Check out full changelog below.

Conan Exile PC Hotfix (30.08.2017) Patch Notes

  • Sprinting and wielding improvements – Starting to sprint will automatically sheathe your weapons. We refactored this system to make it depend on the character state instead of the sprint keyboard/gamepad input. The benefits are subtle but this change allowed us to improve the handling of sprint when combined with other states like jumping and climbing.
  • Character handling improvements – Holding down the attack or block buttons during wield/dodge/knockback and other special character states will now attempt to execute the action when the special state ends. This change improves the smoothness and responsiveness of combat, specially when switching weapons, getting hit, blocking and dodging.
  • Dodge is now allowed during wield animations – Equipping two items at the same time (which can happen during autowield and when you press the wield/sheathe button) will prioritize the animation of the weapon in the main hand instead of the offhand (i.e. your sword instead of your shield). This will improve the visual feedback in situations where it felt like your weapon wasn’t working during the wield action because you couldn’t see it playing a wield anim (your shield was playing it instead of your sword).

Other fixes:

  • Glass Flasks can now be filled at all water sources
  • Conan Exile hotfix for PC has fixed a problem where you cannot rebind mouse buttons in the Keybinding section
  • Text input for message of the day is now easier to use both on PC and Xbox
  • Removed log spam for creatures failing to spawn
  • Conan Exile hotfix for PC fixed a client crash related to blueprint dependencies
  • Explosive jars are now gone from all loot tables, both chests, and NPCs
  • Black Ice Crenelated walls now correctly deal damage to climbing players
  • Clan owner can now promote another member to Leader
  • Fixed a problem with loss of recipes/recipes going invisible. “Lost” recipes are returned to recipes window.
  • Explosive jars should no longer drop as loot from NPCs and chests
  • Exploding Imps now drop Explosive Glands again
  • Explosive Jars now perish after 24 hours. This is a temporary change (see below)
  • Dragonpowder now perishes after 30 minutes
  • You will now only get Tar when dismantling Explosive Jars
  • Conan Exile hotfix for PC added missing crafting station images
  • The Crude Wooden Bowl can now be interacted with properly.
  • We now show Attributes description when one of the buttons is selected with a controller.
  • Highland wine can now be crafted correctly
  • Fixed an instance where you would incorrectly equip previously equipped weapons.
  • Conan Exile hotfix for PC fixed inventory latency/freeze
  • Switching weapons in midair should now work again

Known issues:

  • The beehive, the fish trap, and the shellfish trap still use the old camp sidebar GUI.
  • Some types of undead deal incorrect damage. This will be fixed soon
  • Explosive jars have dropped frequently from chests and NPCs which have made them abundant. The 24h perish timer on explosive jars will get rid of excessive inventories. In the next patch the 24h perish timer will be reverted
  • We are adding support for locking chests an upcoming patch. Machines and crafting stations will stay unlocked
  • Selecting dye with the mouse doesn’t appear to work. Using hotkeys (G then Enter) after selecting a piece of clothing will make the dye menu appear
  • Crafting Glass Flasks makes the crafting machine stop after each completed flask, requiring you to turn it back on. A workaround is putting to molds in the machine.

Check your game update and download latest Conan Exile hotfix.