Download KB4056891 Update for Windows 10 [Direct links]

Windows 10 update KB4056891 is now available for download. This update has fixed the recently discovered a significant chip-level security flaw in Intel processors. The new flaw in Intel Processors can allow an attacker to gain access to not just the kernel memory as well as the ‘entire physical memory’. Check your update and download the latest KB4056891 update on Windows 10 v1703 Creator Update systems.

New in Windows 10 update KB4056891 (OS Build15063.850)

  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Microsoft Edge, Windows Graphics, Windows Kernel, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and the Windows SMB Server.

Know Issues with Windows 10 update KB4056891


  • When calling CoInitializeSecurity, the call will fail if passing RPC_C_IMP_LEVEL_NONE under certain conditions.
  • Due to an issue with some versions of Anti-Virus software, this fix is only being made applicable to the machines where the Antivirus ISV has updated the ALLOW REGKEY. Workaround – Contact your Anti-Virus AV to confirm that their software is compatible and have set the following  REGKEY on the machine
    Value Name=”cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc”

Windows 10 update KB4056891 Download Links

Download Windows 10 update KB4056891 (32-Bit)

Download Windows 10 update KB4056891 (64-Bit)