Dropbox announced that now you can share Dropbox files over Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger users can easily share images and videos with friends by accessing camera roll within the chat window. But what if you store your media in the cloud rather than on your phone? Well, if you have an account on Dropbox, you can share Dropbox files over Messenger. Photos or videos (including animated GIFs) will appear in the chat box. Anything else will prompt you to open the Dropbox mobile app to preview the files in question.

The Dropbox integration is just the latest in a long line of third-party apps to enrich the messaging platform. You can already order an Uber or a Lyft through Messenger and share songs via Spotify. Soon you could even communicate with businesses via chatbots.

Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger Said:

“We want people to communicate just the way they want to on Messenger, with everyone they care about. Giving our users the ability to share their Dropbox videos and images in Messenger threads with just a few taps will help them bring more style and personality to those conversations.”

For those who want to share Dropbox files over Facebook Messenger, you’ll need both the Dropbox and the Messenger app on your phone. Android and iOS versions should be available starting today.