The Elder Scrolls Online 3.0.12 is now available for download. The ESO update 3.0.12 comes with minor fixes. The update has fixed issues with the Halls of Fabrication Trial. The update also includes a fix for the Pelinavant the Scourge achievement that’s tied to Midyear Mayhem and resolving remaining cases where some players didn’t receive all their intended Crown Crates from the ESO Plus Bonus Event.

The new patch size is around 166MB. Previously, the developer’s released update 3.0.11. Check more details below.

New in the ESO 3.0.12

Halls of Fabrication Trial

  • Refabrication Committee
    • Waves of exploding Ruined Fabricants will now begin rising when any of the bosses reach 20% health instead of 25% health.
    • Grasping Limbs will no longer instantly pull player characters into the ground. This will allow quick-thinking players a chance to escape!
    • CC break abilities will now break Grasping Limbs more reliably, preventing recapture.


  • Pelinavant the Scourge: The Elder Scrolls Online 3.0.12 fixed an issue so this achievement can now be completed.


  • Broken Bonds: This quest can no longer be shared.


  • The ESO update 3.0.12 fixed an issue where the text for purchasing additional character slots would overlap with your first character’s name.

Check your game update and download latest the Elder Scrolls Online 3.0.11 for PC.


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