ESO update 3.1.8 released with improvements – Patch Notes

The ESO update 3.1.8 is now available for download. The Elder Scrolls Online 3.1.8 fixes various UI and quest related issues.

In addition, the patch also fixes issues released to gameplay bugs involving Lacerate, Befoul, and unlocking the Alliance War skill line. The update size is approximately 123MB.

The ESO update 3.1.8 Patch Notes



  • The ESO 3.1.8 update has fixed an issue where the effects seen on the Chaosball would remain visible longer than intended.


  • Ancestral Adversity: You can no longer use the back exit to the final Treasure Room (resulting in blocking your quest progress) until you have talked to Narsis Dren.
  • The Heart of a Telvanni:
    • Sun-In-Shadow is now freed when the Slavemaster is defeated.
    • Stunning the Guard Captain with sleep powder no longer blocks your quest progress.


  • The ESO update 3.1.8 has fixed an issue where the Dominator Battleground medal was not fully translated in the French game client.

Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack


  • Right to the Root of the Problem: Fixed an issue where this achievement for Bloodroot Forge would begin as soon as you loaded into the dungeon; the timer will now start at the first campsite.

Combat & Gameplay


  • Dual Wield
    • Lacerate: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate would not proc the effects from “On Ultimate Use” item sets, such as Witchman’s Armor.

Alliance War

  • The ESO update 3.1.8 has fixed an issue where you were unable to unlock the Assault and Support skill lines in some scenarios.

Champion System

  • Befoul: Fixed an issue where this passive would increase the effects of healing bonuses.

Base Game Patch

Visual Effects

  • All Dwarven mounts will no longer spit when rearing up, with the exception of the camel who is supposed to spit rather unpleasantly.


  • The List: The Journal Page obtained through a drop can now be used to start this quest.

Main Quest

  • Soul-Shriven in Coldharbour: The Hooded Figure will now appear in Vulkhel Guard for players who travel there via Wayshrine.


  • Fixed an issue where Master Writs were not displaying the required crafting style in the German, French, and Japanese game clients.


  • The ESO 3.1.8 update has fixed an issue where the “Target Debuffs From Others” setting option under the Buffs & Debuffs setting would not persist after closing the game.

Check your game update and download latest The ESO update 3.1.8 on PC. Previously, the developers released ESO 3.1.7.