Facebook Marketplace launches for buy and sell items

Facebook Marketplace launches for users to buy and sell items. The company says Marketplace launches this week in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. According to the company up to 450 million people already use Facebook to buy and sell used goods every month.

The icon for Marketplace will replace the Messenger icon in the center of the bottom row on Facebook’s mobile app. Tapping it takes you to the home page of items. You can message the seller and place an offer. To sell an item, you simply upload a photo, set a name, description, and price, and confirm your location.

Facebook Marketplace features:

  • Browse To Buy:  Marketplace opens to a filtered feed of items you can buy from your community. Thanks to tags people add to their listings and Facebook’s text analysis AI combined with what Pages you Like and stuff you browse on Marketplace, the listings you see are ranked based on relevancy. Pre-made Messages like “Is this item still available?” and What condition is this item in?” make negotiation simpler.
  • Sell Your Stuff: Rather than having to set up a new profile, you can easily snap a photo of your item, add a description, set an asking price, and publish your listing.
  • Search Your Surroundings: Along with browsing specific categories like Household or Electronics, you can also search for something specific and filter what you see by location, category, and price or through a map.