FaceIt a Competitive gaming platform will soon release Xbox app. The Faceit regularly hosts automated tournaments and ladders for players. The Faceit app for XBox will integrate with existing FaceIt accounts and provide a way for players to connect to the tournaments on Xbox One. The Faceit platform currently has four million players on PC,

Killer Instinct and Smite will be included in FaceIt app for Xbox. It will act as an extension of the FaceIt ecosystem, which can already be accessed on PC and mobile.

FaceIt CEO Niccolo Maisto said:

“We make it easy for game developers to integrate it with the platform to make sure they can offer better competitive experience on their game. When I say make it easy for example, as a platform, we take care of everything. From creating a competition to getting players into the competition, confirming who’s playing, getting them into the right match at the right time, getting them back into a tournament, and playing the next match. All of this is automated; we take care of all of this as a platform. All statistics are gathered automatically. Matches are configured on the game developer’s multiplayer infrastructure automatically.”


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