Fallout 4’s updated survival Mode beta now available on PC via Steam

Bethesda Game Studios has launched a new Survival Mode in beta for its blockbuster post-apocalyptic RPG today on Steam, reports Polygon.

The new Survival Mode includes many options to make the playing experience more up to the plate of hardened Fallout veterans, with cited examples like save-when-sleeping only, no fast travel, ‘increased lethality’ for both players and enemies, fatigue, new illnesses, and a new perk called Adrenaline, among others. Details of what comes in the new mode can be found on the game’s official website on Bethesda’s news post.

Currently, the Survival Mode is only available for Windows PC through Steam; Steam users on Windows PC can test out this new mode right away with a manual update – found in the settings of the game in the Steam library. Expect the update to arrive on consoles player, Xbox One included next month.