FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate is now available. The latest update brings a bunch of new changes for all players. Also, registered users of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward receiving new update and changes.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate added five new main quests, the first titled “Tidings from Gyr Abania,” will require a disciple of war or magic level 60, access to NPC Tataru, and the completion of the main quest “An Ending to Mark a New Beginning.”

However, the other quests are a secret, listed in the patch notes with little more than question marks, but it does appear the new quests are all a part of a single quest line, requiring the completion of each in sequence. Check out what is fix and issues with the update.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been addressed.
    • An issue with the blackmage action Sleep wherein the help text stated it only affects a single target in PvP before acquiring the trait Deep Sleep.
    • An issue wherein the summoner action Enkindle does not behave properly under certain conditions.
    • An issue wherein the Raise status effect granted by the arcanist action Resurrection cannot be overwritten by the conjurer action Raise or the astralogian action Ascend.
    • An issue in the Whorleater (Extreme) wherein the help text for the Briny Mirror status was innaccurate.
    • An issue wherein selecting the space between hotbar icons with a mouse would cause the hotbar to become transparent.
    • An issue wherein the display priority of map markers differed between the map and mini-map.
    • An issue when enlisting new recruits in an adventurer squadron wherein the recruit’s enlistment papers were not processed properly.
    • An issue when canceling adventurer squadron missions and training courses wherein the default position of the cursor was set to No. (gamepad only)
    • An issue wherein the bard action Warden’s Paean could protect against multiple detrimental effects in PvP areas.
    • An issue when participating in an instance via Duty Roulette: Mentor wherein the mentor status would be renounced when returning to an instance after the client crashed.
    • An issue with “The Palace of the Dead” wherein the effects during a combo would not activate properly when a Pomander is used while performing a combo.
    • An issue with the boss battle against Siren in “Pharos Sirius” wherein it would take longer than usual to be defeated when fighting solo and becoming afflicted by “Death Throes”.
    • An issue with the boss battle against Cuchulainn in “the Void Ark” wherein the debuff “Bleeding” would constantly be applied under certain conditions.
    • An issue with player duels wherein auto-attack would not activate properly when choosing to have a rematch while still targeting a KOed opponent.
    • An issue wherein the “Raise” effect applied by Resurrection could not be overwritten with the spell Raise.
    • An issue wherein the selling price of the night pegasus whistle was incorrect.
    • An issue when progressing through the Amalj’aa beast tribe daily quests “Douse Them While They’re Down” and “Hatchling Humiliation” wherein battle would not come to an end and the user would be unable to ride a mount under certain conditions.
    • An issue with “Grand Company Squadron” wherein the number of times training can be done would not reset if the Training Complete confirmation window was open when it was time for the reset to occur.
    • An issue wherein a summoned retainer would leave when performing an action with the retainer while the Duty Information window was still open.
    • An issue wherein Fixed Cameras would be switched to at the same time when clicking with L2/R2 while using virtual mouse mode in spectator mode for the Feast.
    • An issue wherein camera transitioning would not occur properly when using the idling camera in certain instances.
    • An issue with Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme) wherein the field would not be displayed properly when a character falls under certain conditions.
    • An issue wherein the minimap would not display properly when changing the window size of the minimap to a certain size while the Display Settings under “System Configuration” were set to a certain configuration.
    • An issue wherein the “Entering Hall of the Novice” window would not display when queuing up to participate in Hall of the Novice and queuing up for a selected instance using the duty finder at nearly the same time.
    • An issue wherein the client would crash when opening the “Yo-kai Medallium” window while riding a mount under certain conditions.
    • An issue when leaving “The Palace of the Dead” wherein the client would crash after leaving the instance under certain conditions,
  • Other various issues have also been addressed.

Known Issues

  • The following issues have been confirmed.
    • An issue wherein “A” is not displayed for pets in the Party List/the party’s Enmity gauge.
    • An issue in “Dun Scaith” wherein the achievement “Mapping the Realm: Dun Scaith” is not unlocked when locations that players are unable to go to cannot be discovered after defeating the boss due to players disconnecting or participating midway via Add Members.
    • An issue in the housing area wherein the direction of the striking dummy’s target ring is not displayed correctly when changing the layout of any type of striking dummy.
    • An issue with the market board wherein certain low level equipment is not displayed when performing a search for Lv 60 foot equipment for thaumaturge/conjurer/arcanist/black mage/summoner/white mage/scholar.
      *Items that are not displayed can be seen by performing an item search with SEARCH or setting the search level range to 1~59.
    • An issue wherein the repair/desynthesis class and required catalyst for glamouring the item “Filibuster’s Gauntlets of Striking” is different from the class that it should be.
    • An issue with the Party Finder wherein the recruiter’s set language cannot be confirmed when the subcommand “View Search Info” is performed on the party recruitment of a recruiter in the same world.
    • An issue with the Party Finder wherein an underscore is displayed under the “J” when performing the subcommand “View Search Info” regardless of the target’s set language.
    • An issue with the Party Finder wherein a party cannot be formed normally when moving to another area while editing the recruitment criteria.

The change list includes changes to FATEs, treasure hunts, grand companies, and the user interface. Check out complete change log at Final Fantasy XIV site.


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