Final Fantasy XV 1.05 update for PS4 released with framerate fix on PS4 Pro

Final Fantasy XV 1.05 update for PS4 is now available. The new update fixed PS4 Pro framerate issue with the game. Also, there are other fixes and improvements. Check out the full change log below.

Final Fantasy XV 1.05 update features:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro users now have selectable Resolution options. You can choose between Lite (which runs at up to 60fps, with frame drops) and High (which runs at up to 30fps, with frame drops).
  • New Time Quests (limited-time and contests).
  • Level cap increased from 99 to 120, but the amount of experience required to level up has gone up drastically. It takes over 1 million experience to go from 99 to 100, whereas 98 to 99 took 300,000 exp.
  • Increased camera roll capacity (store up to 200 photos).
  • Portable music player for Chocobo rides.
  • Moogle Carnival is over.
  • Two new songs for the music player from Nier.

Final Fantasy XV 1.05 update size is around 2.1 GB.