Many users reporting that new Cumulative Update KB3172985 fails to install or stuck midway. Microsoft offers few fixes for this problem.

1. Type ‘Troubleshooting’ in the search. Now select View All in left side panel. Select ‘Windows Update’ at the end of the open window. Run the troubleshooting. Restart your and try to update again.

2. If that doesn’t fix Cumulative Update KB3172985 problem. Simply Download standalone installer and install it by your self.

Download KB3172985 for x86 (501 MB)

Download KB3172985 for x64 (914 MB)

If you have installed earlier updates, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your computer. If you are installing a Windows 10 update package for the first time, the Cumulative Update KB3172985 for the x86 version is 501 MB and the package for the x64 version is 914 MB.


  1. I think encouraging your visitors to download the standalone updates through the shortened URL links you provide is a bad idea. It’s not immediately obvious that the update links point to Microsoft, and it’s really bad practice to download Microsoft updates from third-party systems. Just sayin’

  2. I had this update failing too. After HOURS of looking for a reason, I finally found it. I went into Disk Manager. The system recovery partition, set to 1GB, had only 64MB free. I right clicked and assigned it a drive letter, went into the drive in file explorer. I found an image file in there and move it to the C:\ drive. I left everything else alone. I remove the assigned drive letter, so no one could get to that drive after this, and re-applied the update. After many, many, many attempts, the update installed!!! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.


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