An official image Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 leaked online. The new leaked images show the rear, side, and stylus of the as-yet-unreleased handset. The company is expected to announce its new smartphone later this month on August 23rd, but these leaks give us a good idea of what Samsung will be offering.

Galaxy Note 8 with dual camera

The phone features an edge-to-edge Infinity Display as well as dedicated Bixy Button, positioned on the right edge of the device, and, on the rear, we can see a dual-camera system with dual flash.

Unfortunately, the fingerprint sensor is placed similarly as the Galaxy S8’s — on the rear of the phone to the side of the camera. This positioning was criticized by reviewers, who found it hard to reach, and said it led to users accidentally smudging up their own camera lens.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to cost $1000.


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