Get Windows 10 app adds Countdown Clock

Microsoft adds the countdown clock to Get Windows 10 app. The new update is live now for all Windows 7 and 8.1 PC users. Users should a new countdown clock when they bring up the Get Windows 10 app. The countdown clock in Get Windows 10 app will show how much time is left to get the free upgrade. Windows 10 free upgrade offer will expire on July 29.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 Anniversary Update on 2nd August. The upcoming update is free for Windows 10 users. Anniversary Update will include the host of new features for Windows 10. The update will be released for Windows 10 PCs, Mobile and Xbox One. If you are still on older OS, this is the right time to get theĀ free upgrade from Microsoft. After July 29th, Microsoft Windows 10 Home will be available for $119 and Pro version will cost $199.