Google has announced that they will launch Backup and Sync app to help everyday users back up files and photos from their computers, so they’re safe and accessible from anywhere. Backup and Sync app is the latest version of Google Drive for Windows and Mac, which is now integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader. The app will launch on On June 28th, 2017.


With the Backup and Sync app, users will be able to sign into the uploader via their Google Account, and then select which specific folders on their PC or Mac they want to continuously back up to their Google Drive accounts.

Many people will likely want to select their video, audio, or photo folders for this feature. They could even select their entire PC desktop for backing up, although it’s likely that would also cause them to purchase more storage space beyond the free 15 GB that Google Drive currently offers for cloud users.

Google is planning to company launch Drive File Stream, for G Suite customers sometime later in 2017. You can also try Drive File Stream, sign up for the Early Adopter Program (EAP).


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