Google announced Google Home a voice controlled wifi speaker with Google Assistant. With new Google Home Wi-Fi speakers, you can access and control your music library over voice. The new device also has Google Cast support, so you can tell it to play a track in a specific room using your Chromecast Audio devices. You need Chromecast Audio devices in every room to function this feature.

Google Posted on Twitter:

The new voice controlled device can also control your TV over Chromecast. You can command to play a movie on your living room TV without having to pick up a phone to manually cast a film from Play Movies. You can also manage day-to-day task over it like manage calendars, schedules, music and more.

Google also announced Allo and Duo messaging and one on one video calling app at Google I/O 2016. New Google Home will be available later this year. Pricing and dates have not been announced yet.

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