For Honor update 1.14.1 out on PS4 & Xbox One – Patch Notes

For Honor update 1.14.1 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest update comes with bug fixes and improvements.

The Guardbreak can now connect normally when both heroes are fighting on certain stairs in “The Forge” and “The Sentinel” maps. In addition, unlocked attacks can no longer become unparryable.

For Honor update 1.14.1 Patch Notes


Unlock Tech Fixes

  • Unlocked Attacks can no longer become unparryable.


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue causing Guardbreak not to connect when both heroes are fighting on certain stairs in “The Forge” and “The Sentinel” maps.


  • Headbutt timing reverted to pre-patch 1.13 values.
    • This means Dodge Forward into Headbutt timing now starts at 100ms again (was 300ms).
  • Dodge recovery duration shortened from 700ms to 600ms.
  • Light Side Attacks damage increased to 13 from 12.
  • Counter Stab damage increased to 12 from 10.


  • Charged Heavy Attack range decreased to 4.25m (from 5m).
  • Charged Heavy Finisher range decreased to 4.75m (from 5.75m).
  • Uncharged Heavy Finisher link into Jab delayed by 100ms.
  • Jabs do not stagger on wall anymore.
  • Normal Jab Stamina drain decreased to 30 (from 40).
  • Normal Jab Miss recovery shortened to 700ms (from 800ms).
  • “Legion Kick” does not stun anymore.
  • “Eagle Talon” stamina cost increased to 20 (from 12).
  • [Bug Fix] Jab stamina cost of 12 now works correctly.

The Jab had multiple issues:

  • If an Uncharged Heavy Finisher hit, it used to guarantee a Jab.
  • Jabs that staggers against a wall could lead to a devastating and nearly infinite combo.

We are addressing these issues to make the Jab a fair tool. In addition, the stamina drain reduction on normal Jab and stun removal on Legion Kick should improve the group fight experience when facing 1 or more Centurions.

Known issue: Moveset still says “Legion Kick” Stuns. We will address this in a future update.


  • Double Dodge stamina cost decreased to 24 (from 29).
  • Double Dodge Kick stamina cost decreased to 10 (from 20).
  • Back Flip stamina cost decreased to 12 (from 17).
  • Front Roll stamina cost decreased to 12 (from 17).
  • Reflex Guard duration increased to 800ms (from 600ms).

Check your game update and download latest For Honor 1.14.1 for PS4 and Xbox One.