HP Elite x3 update 0002.0000.0026.0118 released with fixes for camera

HP Elite x3 software update 0002.0000.0026.0118 is now available for download. The latest update fixes and improvements to the phone. Check out the changelog below.

HP Elite x3 software update 0002.0000.0026.0118 features:


  • Memory utilization is optimized.
  • The performance of application launches is improved.


  • Optimization and improvement to using flash in a pitch black environment.
  • Autofocus tuning updates.


  • APN configurations updates for Orange, MegaFone, and Vodafone


  • HP Elite x3 Barcode Scanner Jacket is supported.

If you have HP elite x3 smartphone, check for firmware update version 0002.0000.0026.0118.