Intel 8th Gen Desktop Processors prices Leaked

Tomorrow Intel will announce their 8th gen Core desktop processors. The new ‘Coffee Lake’ processors are expected to provide 15 to 30 percent better performances over the previous generation.

Meanwhile, the price of the upcoming desktop processors leaked on PC Canada website. It seems that prices are going upwards a bit, the Core i7 8700K would be roughly 5% more expensive, the i5 8600K nearly 8%. The rest stays under a 5% margin.


  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I7-8700K PROCESSOR [BX80684I78700K]: $484.44
  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I7-8700 PROCESSOR [BX80684I78700]: $407.73
  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I5-8600K PROCESSOR [BX80684I58600K]: $338.00
  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I5-8400 PROCESSOR [BX80684I58400]:  $237.58
  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I3-8350K PROCESSOR [BX80684I38350K]: $233.41
  • INTEL BOXED 8TH GEN INTEL I3-8100 PROCESSOR [BX80684I38100]: $152.51
Processor Line7th Gen8th GenDifference
Core i7-x700K$462.41$484.44+4.8%
Core i7-x700$406.35$407.73+0.3%
Core i5-x600K$313.95$338.00+7.7%
Core i5-x400$235.87$237.58+0.7%
Core i3-x350K$241.82$233.41-3.5%
Core i3-x100$149.08$152.51+2.3%

As a reminder, these are CAD prices, so the 8700K at 484.44 would be 389 USD and 329 Euro. These prices would be exclusive of VAT. PC Canada has not delivery ETA yet mentions that the procs are estimated to arrive on 2017-09-16.

AMD has recently announced numerous top of the line processors. Hence, Intel’s 8th generation and the 9th generation ‘Ice Lake’ processors will be company’s response to AMD’s Threadripper and Ryzen series.