Lenovo REACHit app in Windows store

Lenovo REACHit app now available on Windows store. REACHit app is an extension that allows a user to tap into Cortana on Windows 10 to offer a much larger inventory of information to search. Lenovo REACHit app for Cortana will find your photos, documents, and emails faster than you can, and with a lot less stress. REACHit is a Lenovo and Microsoft collaborated project.

Lenovo REACHit app features:

  • Use natural language to find your content wherever it is.
  • Contextual search lets you find content based on what it’s about, where you were, or who you were with.
  • Find files on different Windows 10 PCs and Tablets.
  • Find email and attachments in Exchange and Gmail accounts.
  • Find files in OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox accounts.