Recently announced LineageOS will start rolling out new builds starting this weekends. LineageOS was formed after the breakup of Cyanogen Inc, and the subsequent end of the company’s support of CM.

In its official blow, LineageOS announced that the new builds for Marshmallow and Nougat capable devices (CM13 and CM14.1 builds) will roll out this weekend. The new build will be released every week by default. However, LineageOS will not allow root by default. Users can try optional flashable zip that will root the system, and you will only need to flash it once. Also, you can use a switch to include root.

Additionally, LineageOS will also offer new data migration builds for the next two months. These builds can be flashed on top of existing CyanogenMod CM13 or CM14.1 installations, keeping all user data intact. Once you are running the data migration build, you can freely switch to normal LineageOS builds.

Lineage OS team posted:

  • The build roster is ever growing, but we are supporting Marshmallow and Nougat capable devices.
    • We’ll list the 80+ devices in a separate post.
  • Our release cadence will be ‘weekly’ by default (to be nice to all the donated hardware).
  • We will NOT be shipping root baked into the ROM.
    • Root will be a downloadable zip based install similar to gapps installation (only need to flash it once).
    • Home builders that want to bake su back into the ROM can use the command ‘export WITH_SU=true’ prior to building.
  • Our official builds will all be signed with a private key for authentication and signature permission control
    • This will not break, prevent or stop any ‘unofficial’ builds.
    • Key verification info can be found on the wiki Verifying Build Authenticity page.

Regarding installation, we recommend that users wipe when switching to LineageOS, and reinstall their gapps. However, we recognize that this can be time consuming, so we are offering an EXPERIMENTAL (read as, if it fails, you’ll have to wipe anyways) solution.

  • Alongside the ‘weekly’ release for your supported device, we’ll provide an EXPERIMENTAL data migration build.
  • This build will allow you to ‘upgrade’ from CM to the signed LineageOS weekly
  • This build may wipe permissions (you’ll have to re-allow app permissions) but should retain all user data
  • This build will be watermarked with an ugly banner to ensure that you don’t permanently run this EXPERIMENTAL release, and upgrade to a normal weekly after.
  • The process for this installation will be as follows:
    • Install EXPERIMENTAL migration build on top of cm-13.0 or cm-14.1 build (don’t try to install LineageOS 13.0 on top of CM 14.1, that will not work).
    • Reboot
    • Install LineageOS weekly build
    • Reboot
    • Re-setup your application permissions

Given the EXPERIMENTAL nature of this process, we are going to remove this option in two months time.

More details will appear on Lineage OS official download page here.