Microsoft Edge build 14393 Microsoft Edge build 14361 Virtual Machines
Microsoft Edge build 14361 Virtual Machines

Microsoft is now rolling out Microsoft Edge build 14361 virtual machines for testers. You just need to select Edge browser build and VM platform. You can download Microsoft Edge build 14361 VM for Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox and Vagrant. Windows 10 insider build 14361 and mobile build 14361 now out for Fast Ring insiders.

New in Microsoft Edge build 14361

LastPass Extension: The LastPass extension is now available to Microsoft Edge build 14361.

Download notification improvements: Microsoft Edge download notification is been updated to include filename, download status, and site domain on separate lines.

TCP Fast Open: TCP Fast Open is now disabled by default and can be enabled under about:flags.

Microsoft Edge Bug fixes:

  • PC and Mobile that caused a grey bar to appear on the left side of the browser window in some situations has been fixed.
  • PCs that would cause tab icons to disappear following some Remote Desktop connections also fixed.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile that would sometimes not scroll to results when using “Find in Page”

Microsoft Edge Known issues:

If you click on a file download link, it will open a tab and close it without doing anything in Microsoft Edge. The workaround is to go to the Download pane and start the download there by clicking “Save” or “Save As”.

Download | Microsoft Edge build 14361 VM