Microsoft announced the availability of the Fitbit skill for Cortana

The Fitbit skill for Cortana is now officially available. With the new Fitbit skill for Cortana, you can easily monitor your health and fitness goals. Windows 10 users can access the Fitbit skill across devices and platforms. The new skill set will be rolled out to Android, iOS and soon on the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker.

With the new Fitbit skill for Cortana, it’s now easier for Fitbit users to monitor their health and fitness goals, sleep, stats and progress. Users can ask Cortana to get the information without having to pull up the Fitbit app or website.

You can say, “Hey Cortana, Ask Fitbit how am I doing today,” Cortana will not only read out your progress but may also show you a short summary with all the handy information.

If you’re tracking how you’re performing against your friends, you can say, “Hey Cortana, show me my leaderboard,” and Cortana will provide you with the extra motivation to keep you going.

Cortana understands natural language and makes it very easy to update Fitbit about your beverage and food intake without having to manually log the information. You can say, “Hey Cortana, Tell Fitbit to log I had an omelet for breakfast,” or “Hey Cortana, Ask Fitbit to log I drank 12 ounces of water,” and Cortana will update your Fitbit account accordingly.

Here are a few you can try:

  • “Hey Cortana, ask Fitbit how much water I’ve had today”
  • “Hey Cortana, ask Fitbit how many calories do I have left to eat”
  • “Hey Cortana, ask Fitbit how many steps do I have left”
  • “Hey Cortana, ask Fitbit how many workouts I need to do this week”
The Fitbit skill for Cortana

Earlier in May, the public preview of the Cortana Skills Kit was announced, which allows developers to easily create intelligent, personalized experiences for users of Cortana in the US.