Microsoft Flow helps you to connect various services together, such as Twitter and OneNote to accomplish tasks like creating notes from new favorited tweets. Check out what’s newly updated to Microsoft Flow in August.

On-premise connectivity

Now you can connect to your organization’s internal network from Microsoft Flow using the on-premises data gateway, enabling you to establish secured connections and integrate them with your flows. The gateway currently supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016.

Advanced flow concepts

Additional updates mean you can also rename steps, get Help tips in the designer, more easily pick email addresses, and more:
• Create nested if-statements.
• Create loops, repeating steps in a list.
• Do Until, or repeat a step until a condition is met.

Six new services

New services supported by Microsoft Flow include:
• Microsoft products – OneNote and Visual Studio Online.
• Google products – Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and YouTube.
• SparkPost, an email delivery service.

Microsoft Common Data Model

The Common Data Model is the business application model and storage mechanism for Microsoft Flow. It comes with a rich set of standard entities, or you can build your own. It also includes an out-of-box database to store the information your flows collect, and you can even use the database to build advanced flows like approvals.


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