It appears that Microsoft is indeed working on an exciting new phone device. Today, a new patent by Microsoft leaked online, which shows a new foldable phone-to-tablet device. According to the company’s new patent, the new foldable 2-in-1 device will work as both smartphone as well as a tablet. This could be a new rumored Surface Phone.

Patent description,

Mobile computing devices may be found in a variety of form factors, such as a tablet, a mobile communications device (e.g., a phone), and so forth. As these form factors are optimized for mobile use, a size of the device becomes a primary consideration in its design and implementation as well as in a choice made by a consumer as to which device to purchase.

A user, for instance, may purchase a mobile phone having a relatively small display device to make phone calls, text, and so on. If a larger display device is desired, a user may also purchase a tablet to answer emails, browse the Internet, and so on. Additionally, form factors have been developed that represent a compromise between these form factors, such as a “phablet” that may have decreased mobility due to an increase in a size of a display device. As such, conventional mobile computing device form factors often forced a user to make a choice regarding a form factor that may involve a compromise between these form factors (e.g., a “phablet”), purchase of multiple devices, and so on.

Samsung and LG are also expected to release their first foldable phone in the second half 2017.



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