Microsoft has just announced Xbox One S, a slim version of original Xbox One. Xbox One S features a compact design, it is 40 percent smaller than Xbox One. Now the power brick is also installed internally.

Microsoft Xbox One Slim will support 4K video and HDR(High Dynamic Range) content. That means now your 4k TV can fully utilize by Xbox. On the storage side, Slim version will come with 2TB hard drive. Xbox controller also gets a makeover, it’s now streamlined and with increased range. The Xbox One Slim will cost $299.

Xbox One S Specs:

  • 40 percent smaller.
  • 4K video support.
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range) Support.
  • 2TB hard drive.
  • New Controller with increased range.
  • Starting from $299.

Recently, Microsoft also announced Anniversary update for Xbox One. Today company released Xbox updated apps for iOS and Android.