Minecraft Glide Beast YETI, DRAGON and KRAKEN Track Packs are now available for download. The company also released fixes and other improvements to all platforms. Check out what’s new in these packs


With Kraken Pack, you can see monsters sneaking out from bits of the map to take a look at you, and as time goes on, they build up in scale, until you burst out into a huge open area with two battling ships and a giant, giant Kraken that you fly right up and over.

That’s the kind of epic feat you’ll be bragging about to your non-Glide playing friends for months.

YETI Track


Yeti Pack got lots of Yetis running through the map and giant fossils for you to avoid and to fly through. It’s quite an exciting glacial-type environment.



The final Dragon map in the set is based around Chinese Mythology and uses our texture pack of the same name. You’ll be flying alongside mighty dragons and soaring over and around a fantastic, epic terrain inspired by Chinese legend.

The pack and update are now available on all platforms including PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and other.


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