New $4.5 billion costing aircraft carrier runs Windows XP

HMS Queen Elizabeth- Sihmar

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of aircraft carrier, the largest warship ever built for the United Kingdoms Royal Navy and capable of carrying up to forty aircraft. This Royal Navy pride costs around $4.5 billion.

Recently, a group of journalists got a tour on the newest British aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. , during the tour, the journalists noticed the vunerable and unsupported Windows XP is running on it’s computers.

Actuallty several displays in the control room of the ship run Windows XP noticed The Guardian and The Times.

Mark Deller, commander air on the Queen Elizabeth – “When you buy a ship, you don’t buy it today, you bought it 20 years ago,”. He also notes that the specifications of the ship are what was good then, but that there’s always spare capacity in mind.

According to Lt Cmdr Nick Leeson, senior warfare officer – in the near future there will be upgrade and maybe some of them are already performed, according to Deller. The Royal Navy aircraft carrier has been in developed for nearly 20 years. The ship will also have a team of cyber specialists onboard that the have the capability of defending against hacks.

It’s unfortunate that big organizations and companies are still not addressing basic IT security issues, and cyber attacks are increasing faster than ever before. Recent, WannaCryGoldenEye and Petya ransomware are great examples to learn from.


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