Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone next month, which may include a pressure-sensitive home button. Apple could replace current generation click button on iPhones with pressure-sensitive home button, very similar to current MacBook trackpads. There are already plenty of rumors about next iPhone like the phone will come with the dual-camera setup, no headphone jack, and a redesigned antenna line.

Rumored iPhone 7 dual-camera setup will capture color differently and simultaneously take pictures that are then merged into a single photo. The dual-camera will improve brightness and detail in photos, and sharpen photos taken in low-light scenarios. Apple’s two camera sensors with iPhone 7 will also help in better zoom.

Apple is also planning to remove the headphone jack in its next iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE. Apple will offer Bluetooth or Lightning headphones instead. Apple has yet to announce a date for its next iPhone launch, but we can expect Apple to hold an event in early September.


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