Update: Microsoft is now rolling out Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176934) and update KB3176936 for all Windows 10 anniversary update users. Update KB3176934 include one minor fix over previously released in update KB3176932.

  • Improved download size optimization of updates.

KB3176936 Microsoft rolling out update KB3176936 and KB3176934 build 14393.82 and mobile (10.0.14393.82) f


Original Story: Microsoft is now seeding new Cumulative Update KB3176932 for PC or Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176932) Windows 10 build 14393.82 and Mobile build 10.0.14393.82 for insiders members.

New in KB3176932 build 14393.82 (10.0.14393.82)

  • Improved reliability of Network Controller, DNS server, gateways, Storage Spaces Direct, Group Managed Service Accounts, remote procedure calls (RPC), PowerShell, Internet Explorer, printer pairing and interoperability, the Windows kernel, Media Core, the Store, Connected Standby, Cluster Health service, the Hypervisor debugger and platform, and Active Directory.
  • Improved performance for Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) with many nodes or disks, scrolling lists on Xbox, DHCP address acquisition, Active Directory queries, and the Cluster Health service.
  • Addressed issue that prevents external media from playing on Xbox One using the Cast to Device menu.
  • Addressed issue that causes the Mouse events to be not recognized sometimes in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue that slows the rendering and resizing of nested tables in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue that was not causing the UI layout to be updated correctly in Internet Explorer 11 quirks mode.
  • Addressed issue that was causing nodes to be disconnected from a Cluster service intermittently.
  • Addressed issue with the 3G and 4G options not shown correctly in Windows 10 Mobile settings.
  • Addressed additional issues with MDM enrollment for an Azure Active Directory tenant, software compatibility, poor rendering of Yu Gothic font family, Cortana, slow connections to cluster shares, Xbox One cannot launch the Netflix app using the DIAL protocol, Xbox sound volume and music playback, all video stops while audio plays in a Movies & TV app, incorrect scaling of Internet Explorer’s first-run dialog, driver setup, Windows Update for Business, apps failing to install after resetting device, boot failure with Hyper-V and BitLocker enabled, Cache Manager, Cluster Health service, cannot alter roles and features on a locked down machine, disk-to-enclosure mappings not working, PowerShell, missing lock screen image, fitness tracker not recognized as a mass storage device, synchronization not working between Intune and Azure Active Directory (AAD), failed Wi-Fi Skype calls, poor streaming playback using progressive download, failed cancellation of Store download, extensions for Microsoft Edge, incorrect Lock screen UI after resuming from hibernate and sleep and blocked installation of Store game bundles.

Previously, Microsoft had released cumulative update kb3176931 build 14393.67 for Windows 10 insider members. Today, Microsoft officially released Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update build 14393.67 for all non-insider members.

Note: Few users are reporting that they are not receiving the new update. Cumulative update kb3176932 or build 14393.82 and mobile build 10.0.14393.82 will gradually release to all or you can switch to release preview ring.


  1. So, once more, M$ sneaks a 4.1 GB download onto us, ignoring our “metered connection”, “deferred upgrade” and “pre-release insider” settings, and costing us another $40 in overages.

      • Ignorant giggler.
        1) Windoze 10 Build 14393 was/is 4.1 GB. If you don’t know this, you shouldn’t be commenting, much less giggling.
        2) Although the size of the “cumulative update” was not revealed by M$, based on the very, very lengthy download time, it seems logical to assume it was the same size as the Build, or larger.
        3) I have no idea what “bandwitch” costs anywhere, as there is no such thing.
        4) Bandwidth is NOT free in much of the world, including the majority of the US, where you have a choice between very slow connections (too slow for W10) with unlimited bandwidth, or metered connections with more reasonable speed. I pay $97 for 20 GB/month. Additional bandwidth is $10/GB. Thus W10 just cost me $40 per computer.

          • össes, jag antar att jag ska flytta till Sverige i morgon. Icke desto mindre, är att det bästa tillgängliga i denna del av världen. Du är naiv om du tror att priserna är desamma överallt.

          • Jag har inte sagt att priserna är desamma i världen. Men nästan 1000 spänn för 20 gb är ju vansinnigt.

          • 1) $97 är inte ‘nästan 1000 bucks’.
            2) Oavsett vad du tycker om förnuft, det är vad Internet kostar i denna del av världen.

          • 1) Jag tänkte med ‘spänn’ du menade dollar, inte kronor.
            2) 811,30 är fortfarande en bra bit från 1000
            3) Ändå är det vad ‘höghastighetsinternet’ kostnader i denna del av världen.
            4) Jag skulle flytta till Sverige, men då skulle jag behöva betala högre skatter och ‘galna’ priser för saker som kött. Och jag skulle behöva lära sig att tala svenska bättre. 😉


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