Nintendo 2DS XL handheld console announced

Today, Nintendo has announced it’s latest handheld console, the New Nintendo 2DS XL. The console is an updated version of the 2DS, released a few years ago. The new Nintendo 2DS XL comes with many new improvements as well as now it packaged in a convenient clamshell design.

The new handheld includes two larger displays and C-stick, that was originally introduced on the 3DS refresh. The large library of game titles for the 3DS and the original Nintendo DS is now available for the 2DS XL.

Since it does not include a 3D display, 3DS games will just play out on the dual screens in normal 2D without the stereoscopic 3D effects.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is coming on July 28 for $149.99. However, those looking for a cheaper option will still be able to purchase the original 2DS for $79.99.